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Be Yourself

Vagus Triunity Solutions 

Vagus Triunity Solutions 

Business Improvement , Project and Change Management Consultancy

Leading with your heart and gut to unleash the brilliance in you

Vagus Triunity Solutions Inc exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.

Business Improvement​

Having worked in the Upstream Oil and Gas sector for over 25 years with Shell, Talisman and Repsol in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, South America, South East Asia and North America I have had the benefit of participating and leading change through business improvement and being on the receiving end of the change. These business improvement experiences have been rich in learning as I have been party to, in equal measure,  many great failures and successes. These business improvement experiences have been diverse in nature ranging from driving cost reduction in major capital projects to implementing business performance dialogues from the shop floor to the rarified atmosphere of senior leadership teams. I have learned what works and what does not work from many talented folks inside the companies I was gainfully employed with and externally with some great people in the business improvement field in Bain, McKinsey, BCG amongst others. From this what I bring is continious learning from these experiences to then tap into your heart and gut to further improve you and your business.

Project and Development Management

I have worked in the front end definition, execution, completion and start-up of capital projects for most of my career in the Upstream Oil and Gas sector. These projects have ranged from offshore subsea infrastructure projects, to pipeline projects in the desert, to unconventional oil and gas developments covering subsurface and surface scopes. Along the way I have had my fair share of project disasters and successes. I have also had the benefit of designing, rolling out and improving project delivery, governance and assurance processes in three upstream companies. In these three different companies I have been on both sides of the fence receiving and delivering these processes. There has been a balance of pain and satisfaction as these processes navigate differing organizational cultures, and the many technical and non-technical risks and complexities that impact projects in this day and age. What I bring to this space is the levers and safeguards to ensure the right projects are selected ("enhancing value") and they are executed in  the right way ("protecting value") in order for you and your business to grow.

Change Management

Change is the only constant some have said and from my own personal experience that has been the case whether a company is growing, contracting or reinventing itself. At times I have become exhausted by it, sick of it and cynical towards it. I have wished it would go away many times. However,  I have learned that I cannot wish it away. Instead I have learned how to live with it by becoming resilient and building resilience in others through practical and realistic change management approaches. These approaches I have again seen succeed and fail in equal measure in integration of companies, teams, processes and behavioural and cultural transformation programmes. It is hard, bloody hard. However, through my experiences I hope I can help you navigate change by listening to your heart and gut to choose the right path for you and your company.

Coaching, Facilitation, Lecturing and Mentoring Services

I am an extrovert (ENFJ in Myers-Briggs lingo). I thrive working and helping people to unleash the brilliance they have within them. I am passionate about coaching, facilitating and teaching others to tap into their heart and gut as in my experience that is where your brilliance is held. The key is to mine that brilliance, hold it, honour it and build upon it. I can help coach you and others to tap into your heart and gut to do brilliant things in business improvement, project development and change management. To unleash that brilliance in you I can offer 1:1 coaching, team workshop facilitation and teaching/lecturing.


Charlie Who, Vagus What?

My Journey to the bottom and on my way back.... 

Charlie Who?

A short story about my journey. The conventional career journey can be found on my Linkedin profile and my CV. However, the real journey is my unconventional journey, that for most of my life I shut down what my heart and gut were telling me. My heart and gut  were telling "me" what was right for "me". I instead ignored "me" and listened to my head, and in particular my mind, in isolation from my heart and gut. My mind in turn listened to others in what I should do, say and act. It worked very well for me through school, university and most of my career. However, it did not make me resilient and genuine to myself. I chased the  path that others wanted me to follow. I got depressed and went to some very dark places as I wrestled with my mind. My resilience eroded. I was broken. Very fragile. This fragility was exploited by others. I was told I had the wrong accent, that I knew nothing about many things including project management, unconventional resource development, business improvement etc. I believed it as my mind believed what I was told by others, even though my heart and gut were saying that this was not true. I fell apart. I was racing to the bottom. However, at the bottom my brilliant friends and family had faith in me. As Leonard Cohen said "There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in". My friends and family created that crack and then I met a guy called Ben. He coached, cajoled me and opened that crack for me. Then my friend Ewan shone a lens on me that focused me back to my heart and gut, and to be "me". From this I learned to listen to my heart and gut, and follow what I believe in. I became myself, following myself and not others. I became a "right proper Charlie". I found the bottom and now I am looking upwards.

Vagus What?

Vagus Triunity Solutions Inc was founded in May 2018. What is Vagus? It is the nerve that connects the heart, the gut and mind. Three nodes that work in unison to create a triunity. Through my consultancy I honour this triunity to unleash the brilliance that everybody has in them to be the best they can be. What does the best look like? Not what others think, but instead what you think through your heart and gut. That is where the brilliance is.

Thank you to....

My family, my friends, my inspirtaional coach Ben Clarke, and my creative genius friend Ewan Nicholson.....and a very  special mention to all those folks who told me I had the wrong accent, knew nothing. You know who you are. You are inspirational, unintentionally in transforming me into a "Right proper Charlie". Cheers Charlie


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